Radar Security Surveillance


Radar sensors utilise advanced microwave technology and digital signal processing to detect targets in all weather, both day and night.

The ScanRadar will automatically slew a PTZ camera to follow an intruder as well as provide target bearing and range data to trigger cause-and-effect responses from third party systems. The ScanRadar range is ideal for integration into homeland security and critical infrastructure protection security systems to provide area and perimeter protection.


We have been supplying microwave transmission elements for security since 2013 and in that time have acquired a great deal of experience in specifying and integrating the various elements that comprise a complete system. Not only have we undertaken the system installation of CCTV cameras and Control Centers, we have also taken responsibility for complete systems including Mobile CCTV vehicles, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) equipment and Facial Recognition systems.


ScanRadar is a low cost IP radar for perimeter security with an operational range to detect humans and vehicles over a total range of 400 meters (200m in all directions). On detection the radar automatically operates a PTZ camera to view the target area and send alarms to local recorders or control centers.

The radar’s web based software has been designed to allow straight-forward deployment in a matter of minutes.

  • Google Map integration,
  • draw detection area and priority zones,
  • live view output shows targets on map in real time,
  • alarm integration to VMS solutions,
  • terrain learning with clutter and sensitivity settings,
  • automatic and scalable camera zoom and tilt settings,
  • radar data output,
  • ONVIF compatible,
  • Power-Over-Ethernet (POE),
  • software upgrades available,
  • increases CCTV effectiveness by automatically detecting people and vehicles,
  • programmable surveillance areas and priority zones,
  • all weather capability,
  • low cost – license exempt 24GHz frequency,
  • Flexible installation options.

The ScanRadar perimeter surveillance radar incorporates innovative and advanced signal processing technology that allows the unit to learn about the environment it operates in and be easily programmed during the initial installation via laptop, to establish privacy and priority zones.

Flexibility for every type of installation: fixed, mobile, large, small, wired, wireless.

  • low power consumption makes Scan-360 suitable for 24/7 off-grid operation,
  • easily add additional radars as sites grow or change, and re-deploy existing hardware with ease,
  • IP networking and Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) makes ScanRadar easy to integrate with existing fixed infrastructure.

No wiring is needed to synchronise radars – off grid, and re-deployable systems are straightforward.

Every ScanRadar is fitted with a GPS receiver that locks to satellite timing signals. Even if the ScanRadar units do not share an IP connection they will stay in sync and will not interfere with each other.


Do not hesitate to contact us for further queries or to negotiate price and other questions. Our professional designers will create a quality project for you.

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