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Our technical support and training ensure that you can get the best performance from your system. Extensive technical literature and application examples are available for reference, and training programs are carried out by people with vast experience in the systems, technologies and applications.



Avestech Security Academy

Training Resources  web-based trainings, virtual classroom,  classroom. You invest time and effort to qualify yourself, and we believe that your customers and partners should know about it. The different exams that you will pass after going through a learning path, and the corresponding AVESTECH GMBH training certifications will help you to prove your technical competency.

Technical Support

Avestech’ Technical Support provides efficient assistance for your Avestech products. With online support services and engineers, you can rest assured that you’ll receive assistance wherever you are, whenever you need it. Avestech is home to some of the security industry’s most experienced security professionals who have helped develop some of the most comprehensive video security systems in the world.

Standard Warranty Terms

The product’s warranty period shall be (two) years when the Client is considered to be a Consumer or User and expressly agrees in writing in the sales documentation or order confirmation in cases in which the Client acts within the scope of its commercial activity, business, trade or profession. In the absence of express acceptance and for the latter case, the warranty period shall be 12 (twelve) months.

Example Of Application

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Extended Support

No matter what issues arise during the life of your video surveillance system, rest assured that you have the full attention of the experienced, global Avestech Support Team. Through the Avestech Support program, you will have the knowledge of support personnel and a team of developers with decades of skill and experience to draw on.


Build a Professional Team of Experts

Using our professional online tutorials you will become a real expert in the field of security. In our team there are the best workers to help you solve difficult situations. Some of our products are highly sophisticated in terms of their use. Their installation and setup can be difficult for less experienced workers. From the very beginning we think about security, we follow all security protocols that are used in your companies. We will help you solve any problems and situations and together we will build a top security system for your customers.


Technology Partners

Leading technology companies can certify and integrate their products with the Avestech Platform in order to provide a wide variety of high-value, differentiated solutions.

Systems Integrators and Consultants

Matching customers’ needs with big security solutions, Avestech works closely with professional services organizations in high-profile engagements where choosing the correct platform is paramount to a successful big data deployment.

Authorized Resellers

Our Reseller partners offer the Avestech security Platform with infrastructure, applications, and services to deliver integrated “turn-key” solutions to customers.

OEM Partners

The Avestech OEM program enables your company to leverage, integrate, or embed the Avestech Security Platform.

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